2 things stand out here: the decor is really attractive, and the service is very good. The centre is a ‘compound’, with several guesthouse-style lodgings – in other words, it’s not all one hotel. Inside the compound are the different guesthouses, plus conference centre, & lovely garden.

The service was really friendly – in fact, the receptionist ( male who’s name I, unfortunately, didn’t recall) went out of his way to assist with everything in a courteous manner, remembered my name, when I asked him where the conference area was he actually got up & walked me there (instead of just pointing). I didn’t feel he was making the effort in an over the top way, or to get a tip – he was just giving good service.

I stayed in a cosy single room (which has a double bed) in the Orchid House – decor was really attractive Thai style in dark colours (reds, blacks, golds) – different to any other hotel I’ve stayed at which was nice! Also had a jacuzzi-bath in the room, as well as separate shower/bathroom, which was a little bit on the small side, but was clean & serviceable.

Overall, I would recommend this accommodation

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